Gevo Teams with Google Cloud on Biofuel Verifications

 - June 7, 2022, 12:13 PM

Sustainable fuel producer Gevo has signed an agreement with Google Cloud to measure and verify the environmental benefits of next-generation biofuels across their full life cycle, including stops throughout the supply chain.

The partnership will rely on technology developed by Gevo subsidiary Verity Tracking, combined with datasets and analytical tools provided by Google Cloud, to establish what is described as a more data-driven approach to understanding and lowering carbon emissions. Through the application, Gevo expects to be able to provide measured verification of asset-level atmospheric emission reductions, renewable electricity use, and land-use changes to support Gevo’s smart agriculture and carbon intensity claims.

“Understanding the full sustainability life cycle, especially that of greenhouse gasses, is critical for energy transmission because it provides the insight to solve the real problems, show proof of claims, and eliminate through data the speculation that occurs,” said Gevo CEO Patrick Gruber. “We expect to build the technology and tools to track carbon intensity of renewable natural gas, sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, farming, and eventually forestry and forest products.”